Our vision at Hardaway Witworth Hounds is to provide excellent sport and comradery between members.


Our history is quite a colorful one.When Stephen Portch moved from England, he knew that he wanted to foxhunt in America. He hunted with many hunts and acted as a whip. When it was time for him to retire from the University systems, he decided it was time to start his own pack. By graceful hound donations from, Steve and Barbara were able to establish themselves in Greensboro, AL. Soon after they were establish in Greensboro, a the merger of two hunts occurred in 2004: the long- established (1973) Whitworth Hunt and the young (2001) Hard Away Hounds. This merger has proved to be a blessing for all involved. Both hunts had good country; Whitworth had an established membership, Hard Away had a strong pack of hounds. They were only 1 hour 45 Minutes apart. Now the combined hunt has a critical mass of country, hounds, membership, resources, and energy to thrive long into the future. The Whitworth name came from one of their original countries (Whitworth Plantation). The Hard Away name came to recognize Mr. Ben Hardaway, America’s greatest foxhunter, and a supporter of the new hunt (one of several he has spawned). It also describes hounds “hard away” on their prey in “full cry”. 

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May Your Horses Be Swift May Our Hounds Be True