The key decision maker for every hunt is the Master of Fox Hounds (MFH). The MFH(s) has the sole responsibility for the success of the Hunt as an organization, the caliber of the hounds, the efficiency of the Hunt as servants, and the Hunt’s reputation locally, nationally, and internationally. Masters of Fox Hounds are the record keepers, the elegant workhorses and the unthanked peacemakers. Without them there would be no sport and certainly no sporting example.

We are lucky to have two fantastic MFHs and one MFH emeritus: Dr. Stephen Portch and Robert Temkovits share the MFH. Tommy Coleman is our Master Emeritus.

Huntsman: Stephen Portch

Kennelman: Red Garret. Red has been with us for more than 12 years and has never missed a day of work. He is responsible for the day to day activities in the kennel (feeding, doctoring, etc). Red also drives the rig to each hunt and is a road whip.

Honorary Huntsman: Steven Evely. Steve was our Kennelman for 6 years and has recently moved to Meridian, MS. He carries the horn and is responsible for helping to control the hounds and helps determine how we should draw.

Honorary Secretary: Anna Lin Evely. Anna Lin is also first whip for the hunt

Whippers-In: Staff that assist assist the huntsman in handling a pack of hounds in fox hunting are called Whippers-In (“Whips”).  All of the Whips at Hardaway Witworth are Honorary meaning they are all volunteers
Robert Temkovits
Jim Horne 

Field Master: The Field Master is in control of mounted followers (“Field”). The Field Master usually rides at their head and holds the field in position which will give them the best opportunity to enjoy the sport without interfering with the staff or hounds. The Field Master sees that each rider does not damage any landowner’s land or property, and that each member adheres to the rules of good sportsmanship and hunting etiquette. 
Field Master: David Fortenberry. David also whips in to the hounds.

Masters and Staff:

May Your Horses Be Swift May Our Hounds Be True